Top 10 Richest People in the World

They say that a man is judged by his character and not by his wealth. We would all agree to that but would also not deny the fact that we would not mind travelling in a top notch luxury car to our hi-fi villas wearing the most expensive clothes that may have ever existed.

It is okay to be rich and even better to be featured in the top lists of the world’s richest people.

After all, it takes a great deal to reach that spot!

Here are the world’s richest people. Take a look!

10. Liliane Bettencourt

Aged 92 with a total wealth of 40.9 billion, she is from Paris and is a French Heiress, socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist. More Details Here

Liliane Bettencourt


9. Jim Walton

Inheriting his father’s business, he is the son of John T. Walton and runs Walmart. Standing at 40.6 billion dollars, he is featured in the list alongside his mother as one amongst the top 10. More Details Here

Jim Walton


8. Christy Walton

With a net worth of 41.7 billion dollars, this family owns the retail chain of Walmart. She is the widow of John T. Walton and had inherited his fortune after his death. More Details Here

Christy Walton


7. David H. Koch

Aged 75 and at the same degree of wealth as his brother Charles, he too is a part of the Koch industries and joined the company in 1970. Koch is quite famous in the USA for his generous donations as well. More Details Here

David Koch


6. Charles Koch

Standing at $42.9 billion of wealth, he has gained his money from diversifies sources. He is the co owner of Koch industries and serves as the Vice President of the company. More Details Here

Charles Koch


5. Larry Ellison

This Jewish billionaire has a net worth of $54.3 billion and has a stake in Oracle. He was brought up by adoptive parents and did not see his real mother until he was 48. His daughter has funded quite a number of movies such as Zero Dark Thirty. He himself does a cameo in Iron Man 2. More Details Here

Larry Ellison


4. Amancio Ortega

His net worth at $64.5 billion, Ortega is a Spanish fashion business and is known for his retail chain by the name of Zara, which primarily deals in clothing and accessories. Aged at 79, he too has made an indelible mark on the list of the richest people. More Details Here

Amancio Ortega


3. Warren Buffett

Owning the Berkshire Hathaway business, this investment tycoon had made a mark quite early in his life. Starting his business career with a buddy at high school, he was a smart investor and had amassed wealth with a great deal of planning. Being one of the most famous people in America, he is known for his humility because of the fact that he has been living in the same house he bought in 1957 and prefers to live without much hoopla. More Details Here

Warren Buffett


2. Carlos Slim

At $77.1 billion, this Mexican business tycoon is a master at dealing with his clients. Earning his wealth thorough his telecom business, he has well been able to manage to make to the list quite a number of times. Recently, he also visited India to build his clientele and invest with the telecom companies of the nation. More Details Here

Carlos Slim


1. Bill Gates

He is our only source of inspiration when it comes to earning money. We all know him as the Microsoft man. He has been at the top spot from some 15 or 20 years and has recently stepped down as the company’s chairman to give time to philanthropy.

Standing tall with a net worth of $ 79.2 billion, he has proved his worth without a college degree, much to our surprise. More Details Here

Bill Gates


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