Top 10 Most Mysterious People in the World

Mystery is mind boggling. Mystery induces us to delve more into facts. Mystery makes us curious.

It is mystery that is capable enough to swivel the thoughts of a man to decide on what might be next in store. Now that we know much about mystery, it is always important to know that an unsolved mystery makes you uncomfortable. Things solved are things settled.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you ten most mysterious people who are still a mystery and their cases have not been solved.

Take a look only in case you have the heart to bear the list!

10. D.B. Cooper

This Boeing hijacker was never found on a manhunt. He ransomed a million dollars from a plane and landed with a parachute. He is still an unsolved case in the US aviation history. The US has identified several suspects but has not come to a conclusion until now.

D.B. Cooper

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9. Jack the Ripper

The British history seems incomplete without this man. He butchered 5 prostitutes in 1888. No one has been able to find out who he is. After 188 years of investigation, his whereabouts are still missing.

Jack the Ripper


8. Adam Rainer

He was born very short in terms of height and had gone several medications in order to increase his height. Once he was around double his height, he developed a cancer and his growth hormones did not stop. He was bedridden until death. Primarily, he was the only man to be both, a dwarf and a giant. The name was also entered in world records.

Adam Rainer


7. Raymond Lee Harvey

He was apparently one of the assassins who wanted to murder Jimmy Carter. He concealed a loaded gun right before Carter was about to speak. When caught, he admitted that he was a member of the four person’s gang who has plotted the murder. When investigated, it was found that he had a long medical history of mental illness. They say that the murder was actually a conspiracy and it thus, from that time, remains a mystery.

Raymond Lee Harvey


6. The Zodiac Killer

He remains California’s biggest serial killer who killed a tally of five people and injured two. He has never left any indication of his presence and the authorities have failed to identify the killer.

The Zodiac Killer


5. Karl Koecher

He is one of the few who penetrated the CIA for the Soviet Union. He was regarded as a double agent and was many times pushed to restrict his relations with the USSR. On his arrest, there was not much proof found about him and he later set free.

Karl Koecher


4. Arnold Paole

In this freak case, the man died after which the people of his village started to see his dead body at places. When confirmed by military doctors, it was found that he was a vampire. It was proven when fresh blood was spotted from his dead corpse. His vampire presence was responsible for 4 other deaths too.

Arnold Paole

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3. Alexander Solonik

It is unknown as to how many innocent lives this murderer from Russia took. He later fled to Greece where he joined a criminal organisation. Few years later, hi body was found strangulated even when the police did not entirely prove that it was his body. Since then, the presence of this mafia has not been known in the pages of history.

Alexander Solonik


2. The Babushka Lady

She oversaw the assassination of John F Kennedy.  No woman has come forward to identify if the lady was really the one who witnessed the murder. The case of the President as well as her case since then has remained a mystery.

The Babushka Lady


1. Banksy

Perhaps the most famous art graffiti artist to have been, h was known to make political and satirical graffiti. His identity has not been unveiled and he remains to be a hideous artist that has ever been in place.



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