Top 10 Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century

When we talk about inventions, 20th century is what strikes our mind. This age has produced some of the most startling technologies as well as unparalleled advancements that are useful to us till date.

When it comes to jotting down, the list is endless. However, we have still tried our best to create a list of the top 10 greatest inventions of the 20th Century.

Take a good look and take pride in the fact that you too belong to the same race as them.

10. Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has been one of the greatest inventions of the century. As a first, humans could device a source of power that was efficient and less pollution.

However, with the advent of nuclear power came its several risks that made it s double edged sword. Several weapons too, were made using the same. You can read more details about Nuclear power from here.

Nuclear Power


9. Personal computer

Computers have been around since the World War II but came to be widely used by people in the 20th century. By then, these computers were much advanced and sophisticated in approach. Apart from the typical work these computers are supposed to do, these computers could also play music and videos.

Personal computer


8. The Automobile

The 20th century also saw people experience affordability as well as mobility. Cars were not new to the century. However, the fact that the same came to be owned by a number of people is a great invention in itself. Companies like Ford stepped up to initiate great engineering and that is how cars became one of the most sought after products in the last century.



7. Airplanes

What came to be known as an invention by Wright Brothers, turned to be a revolution in the last century. The introduction of airplanes with better facilities and passenger concern was one of the biggest revelations. These airplanes could tackle weather difficulties in an amazing fashion. They could also be used during wartime by soldiers to function or operate skilfully.



6. Rockets

Rockets were used some 2 thousand years back as well by human civilisation. The 2oth century saw rockets go out in the outer space and orbit planets and let us know a variety of things about them. They also served as the most valuable equipment during wars. It is these rockets that helped us make international calls, check the weather, use the GPS and use the mobile phone in general.



5. The Submarine

Submarines, today, are considered as the most trusted weapons during wars. Ask a soldier and he shall explain the rest. These submarines were modified in the 20th century and grew into the most top notch warfare equipment to be used in the navy.

The Submarine


4. Television

I bet you just thanked your stars when you saw television featured in the risk. Honestly, it was television during this century which changed the entire concept of how a family used to entertain itself. The television had become a source of recreation since people could afford the same. In fact, several channels sprung up to support the invention.

20th Century Television


3. Antibiotics

With the advent of antibiotics like Penicillin in 1928, several bacterial infections like small pox and typhoid began to have a cure. Health related problems saw a decline since these antibiotics acted quickly and gave instant relief to patients.



2. Internet

The computer rendered the invention of the internet to be the most valuable invention ever. The fact that you are reading this article is because you have an internet connection. The internet, in the last century was a beginning to what came to be known as a technological revolution at a later stage.



1. Radio

Marconi’s radio was also one of the most significant inventions. Widely used in WWII, this wireless equipment was majorly used to disseminate useful information and news to a wide range of people.



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