Top 10 Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Cartoon Conspiracy TheoriesGlorious times of childhood are succeeded by certain difficult-to-accept realities that emerge in the adulthood. It is during this part of our lives that we realise that what seemed is a wonderland while we were kids is actually not a bed of roses.

This time, we have certain cartoon conspiracy theories that will make you go back and time and question your time spent in front of you TV watching your favourite comic characters.

Here we go!

10. Donald Duck

This character actually suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. It is evident from the series as to how hyper vigilant he was as well as his difficulty in falling asleep. Analysts note when he was a paratrooper in WWII, it was then that this disease sprung. In fact, he disliked talking about his wartime experiences.

Donald Duck

9. The Smurfs

They were actually supremacists, Nazis and anti-Semites. We have seen that the Smurfs wear pointed white hats while their leader wears a red hat, similar to the historic fashion traditions. Gargamel too, had a cat named Azrael, which was actually a Jewish name and meant ‘angel of death’.

The Smurfs

8. Aladdin

Much to our surprise, Aladdin and the salesman is the same person. The two wear the same red sash. Both are voiced by Robin Williams and in fact have quite similar facial hair. We wonder why we could not figure out this truth all this while!


7. Tom and Jerry

Primarily, Tom and Jerry is Nazi propaganda. Just like the Tommies- the British soldiers and Jerries-the German soldiers were opposite each other in WWII, same has been portrayed in the show. One notable fact is that this show was one of the only ones to be free of political commentary during war times.

Tom and Jerry


6. Charlie Brown

As per one theorist, Charlie in Peanuts was bald because he was suffering from cancer. Nothing ever worked out for him and he was probably converting his grief into dreams.

Charlie Brown

5. Beauty and the Beast

It is believed that Gaston is gay, even for his friend LeFou. It is seen that he tries to be masculine much, but tries to brush off women from his shoulders.

Beauty and the Beast

4. Magic School Bus

Ms. Frizzle, the teacher in this series, is actually holding a special education class. The general notion is that like a special education class, this too is a small class of 8 children. The kids go on fun trips but do little of academic work in classrooms is also a notable supportive statement.

Magic School Bus

3. Batman

In this animated series, it is stated that Bruce Wayne was battling his inner demons and that no villain actually existed. The major antagonists each signify something dissimilar. Mr. Freeze denotes Bruce’s incapability to maintain long-term relationships with others. Penguin symbolizes his riches and class. Two-Face embodies his conflict between Bruce Wayne the billionaire philanthropist and Batman, the caped crusader. Then there’s the Joker, who signifies the invasive, insane thoughts that are a result of his parents’ senseless deaths.


2. Arnold

Arnold is actually a show about Helga. The show focuses on Helga’s issues and infact, the show’s name is directly from a quote from Helga- Hey Arnold!


1. SpongeBob SquarePants

Each character in here represents one of the total 7 deadly sins.

Sloth: Patrick, who is obviously lazy.
Squidward, who is constantly in a bad mood and hates pretty much everything.
Mr. Krabs is blatantly greedy and MONEY driven.
Plankton envies Mr. Krabs’ success, as his business, The Chum Bucket fails miserably.
Gary eats a lot. There’s a regularly spoken phrase, “Don’t forget to feed Gary” that supports this.
Pride: Sandy is a proud Texan who vocalizes that often.
Lust: SpongeBob 
is habitually overly friendly with people, and appears to love everyone, even if that feeling isn’t reciprocated.

SpongeBob SquarePants


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