Top 10 Best WordPress Themes

This article takes you to a tour highlighting the best themes that WordPress offers to make your project look all the more beautiful as well as worthy of your hard work.

You might want to start writing on a certain subject but might not want to spend money on expensive domains.

WordPress comes to your rescue!

Take a look at these themes and then choose the one which suits your profile rightly. These themes are absolutely free and I am sure, will surely give your project a unique edge.

10. Optimizer

This theme, like its name, is true to its service. You can customize each and every aspect of your profile and also do not need to worry about your mobile compatibility. This theme gives you so many choices that you will be confused between which one to choose.

Optimizer WordPress Theme

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9. Future Lite

It is a theme laced with features and might be completely suitable for freelancers and creative agencies. The layout of this theme adapts well with to the screen size of different devices. It comes with built in pagination features too.

Future Lite WordPress Theme

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8. Longform

This is a theme primarily designed for story writers. It includes some beautiful styles without extra configurations. It is a fully responsive and easy to customize theme. Give it a try sometime! It is totally worth it.

Longform WordPress theme

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7. Moesia

It is a great option in order to build the online presence of your business. It has some wonderful and attractive fonts too to accompany your style of homepage. Predefined blocks make it easier to design your homepage. A great header image will certainly grab attention.

Moesia WordPress Theme

Live Demo


6. InterStellar

This sophisticated theme with multiple portfolio layouts allows colour scheme changes and to add Google maps, Google analytics, etc. it is extremely to use and gives your page a fairly tidy look.

InterStellar WordPress Theme

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5. Noteworthy

It is truly a noteworthy theme and hence stands true to its name. The color scheme is contemporary and clean. An important feature of this theme is the showcase area for the most recent post.

Noteworthy WordPress Theme

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4. Splendio

The makers of this theme have done an excellent job by making it a well structured one. It has ample space you showcase your content as well as promote other pages and posts. The tidy looks along with latest color schemes make this theme a great option for bloggers all over the world.

Splendio WordPress Theme

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3. Origin Lite

This is a WordPress theme that is premium in nature. It allows visitors to precisely focus on the main content. It has a responsive layout and custom widgets for social media networks as well as other categories.

Origin Lite WordPress Theme

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2. Folder

If you are one of those who want to promote your product on WordPress, this theme is specially designed for you. It has a vintage outlook and is dominated by a lot of image content. Its features include custom project posts and admin panel. It also offers 5 different widgets.

Folder WordPress Theme

Live Demo



It stands for Yet Another Minimal Theme. It is a sure shot choice for any blogger who is looking for a well defined page. It has unlimited color schemes and has translation abilities too, making it very easy for foreign visitors to take a good look at your WordPress blog.

YAMINTH WordPress Theme

Live Demo



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