Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Ideas

Wedding is an important day, both for the ones who tie the knot and those who dress up to show up for the occasion.

It is a day to be remembered for the rest of your life. Well, to make this day memorable, you might end up doing thousands of special things right from booking a great venue to ensuring good food.

Did we miss the special outfit?

This article brings out the latest and the most amazing wedding dress ideas you could ever think of.

Perhaps, make sure you yourself look good before making other things certain.

Take a good look!

10. Lace

These days, lending a lace to your dress is quite a thing in fashion. A lace gives your dress a vintage look, ensuring that you do not overdo style. It makes you look beautiful as well as graceful.

9. Traditional clothes

If you are one of those who like to go with the flow, try opting for something traditional. Full sleeved gowns or cultural dresses ensure that you look gaudy enough to look like a bride. The outfit will also make you look in great shape. Go with colours that you think are a recent trend.

8. Contrast

Sometimes, a wedding is designed on the lines of a specific colour or a theme. In such cases, the bride and the groom could pair up to suit the theme in consideration. The best way to do so is wear something contrasts to what your man is wearing. You will look great because of the subtle effect of the overall colour of the event.

7. Flowing outfits

In case you wish to look like a queen from the old times, flowing outfits might be the right choice. A flowing gown or a traditional dress is a requisite to make sure you look stylish enough to fit the shoes of a bride.

6. Jewellery

Women often tend to wear heavy jewellery to fit in to the role of a bride. This does not seem necessary these days. All you go to do to look amazing is pair your dress with a simple, yet stylish piece of jewellery to look great. The jewellery need not be diamond studded or so. Simplicity is the key to beauty during most of the times.

5. Cinderella gowns

For those girls who are short or those who are lean, Cinderella gowns are an excellent way to ensure that you look great with a perfect figure. These gowns could vary from bright coloured ones to pure white ones, in case it is a Christian wedding.

4. Saree

In case you do not wish to wear those gaudy and old fashioned outfits, a bridal saree could do the trick. Choose the one which is brightly embroidered so as to become an attraction at the event. Designer blouses could also be considered as an option.

3. Mix and match

It is not at all necessary that you match each part of your outfit to ensure that you look like a perfect bride. You might as well mix and match various parts of the dress so that your dress gets a different tone altogether.


2. Headwear

Do not ignore your hair while you decide your outfit. An attractive headwear could look as glamorous as the dress if you decide to wear one.

You could buy a nice crown to suit your dress and look good.


1. Simplicity

If you are one of those who are not inclined towards loud and flashy dresses, remember, you will look equally good if you opt for a usual simple dress. It is not entirely about what you wear. All that matters is how well you carry yourself during the event.

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