Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

Every business, be it big or small in volume, needs a website. It is a website that provides a company its much required image and customers, its information. There are several examples of businesses that have grown manifold through the extent and popularity if their websites.

To create a website on the World Wide Web, one needs a web host who will store all the information of the website. They may charge payment monthly or annually and may differ in services and approach.

Take a look at the top 10 web hosting companies we have pinned down for you!

10. Arvixe Web Hosting

This website aims to meet all your business needs. It filters spam and provides a wide online supports and is recommended for those who have recently entered the game of web hosting.

Arvixe Hosting Review

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9. Dreamhost

It has unlimited storage and data transfer and also provides email services. It is slightly tough to use but is an excellent web hosting company. You have to purchase a site builder for Dreamhost since it does not have its own. It can be used by people who are masters of the internet and are tech savvy to the core.

Dreamhost Hosting Review

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8. GoDaddy

We all have seen its advertisements on all mediums. It is one of the most popular web hosting companies and offers so at the cheapest rates. It offers flexible site building tools and is a widely used source to host websites.

GoDaddy Hosting Review

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7. InMotion

It offers excellent WordPress features and is known for its amazing data transfer and storage features. The customer service is ranked at no. 1.

InMotion hosting review

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6. Bluehost

You can install third-party applications easily and use its WordPress features with ease and comfort. It is a widely used hosting website due to its inherent characteristics.

Bluehost Hosting Review

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5. 1&1

It is easy and cheap to use with some amazing WordPress features but is ranked low when it vomes to website flexibility and services offered.

1&1 Hosting Review

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4. Media Temple

It might not fulfil all your requirements except for WordPress features but is still an excelled source of web hosting if you are new to this world because of its simplicity in approach. An overall survey of other companies might lead you to better choices.

Media Temple Hosting Review

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3. SiteGround

SiteGround is the anti-Dreamhost. You pick SiteGround for your Web hosting wants if you require a lot of hand-holding and aid getting your Website up and in operation. You may get less technological service, but SiteGround’s extraordinary client service and tutorials are completely suitable for small businesses and individuals.


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2. HostGator

It is an excellent medium of web hosting at chap rates since it keeps providing regular discounts to its customers. It has amazing service packages and an attractive offers to keep you hooked to its provisions.


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1. Linode

It starts from affordable prices and also offers the much required VPS. Some users also use the servers as remote desktop replacements or cloud based application servers. It is unlike other traditional companies offering innumerable services to its customers.


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