Top 10 Best Ways To Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a curse to those who suffer from it. Right from controlling the urge to consume something sweet to those little sessions of work making you tired, you certainly begin to miss the normal course of life. In fact, this disease has engulfed the world so much so that every other person you talk to is a patient of diabetes.

To cater to the needs of such patients, we bring to you some of the most easiest and simplest ways to control your diabetes so that you too can taste the usual life regime and live a fairly comfortable life.

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10. Eating consistency

It is extremely important that you do not skip any meal during the day. Breakfast, especially, is one of the most important meals of the day. When you skip meals, you tend to over eat and hence induce weight gain. An empty stomach signals your stomach to release more glucose, thereby aggravating the disease.But try to minimize sugar rich foods in your diet.

Eating consistency


9. Carbohydrates

It has been noticed that for normal people who tend to consume more carbohydrates from their diet are likely to be more fit and active because of the balanced blood sugar levels.But for diabetic patients carbohydrate intake should be balanced.Avoid eating more carbohydrates and also avoid giving up on these altogether.Ensure that you intake fruits just enough carbohydrate rich fat so as to maintain a healthy behaviour all day long. It will also help you achieve your medication plan.



8. Bars and shakes

Diabetes bars and shakes are a good source of replacements to a wholesome meal since the body senses it as just another complete meal. You could carry a bar of chocolate whenever you are on the go or in cases when you are going to miss your lunch. However, excess of the same will make your sugar levels raise drastically.Just take these once or twice in a week.

Bars and shakes


7. Cinnamon

It has been found by studies that cinnamon tends to reduce sugar glucose levels to a certain extent. It also is a great way to hike the taste content in your food. You could sprinkle it on yoghurt or other dishes since it naturally helps to bring out all other flavors of the constituents of the meal.



6. Alcohol

Alcohol may tend to reduce sugar levels but it is suggested that you consult a doctor on the same. In addition, alcohol may affect the liver and in case mixed with other sweetened drinks, may raise sugar levels.



5. Green tea

Green tea is a great way to get those required polyphenols. It is a wonderful source of a low calorie diet along with limited carbohydrates. It is also thought to improve insulin sensitivity. Consult a doctor, however, before you consume the same.

Green tea


4. Water

A good amount of water content in your body helps to control excessive urination that is otherwise a problem in case of high sugar levels. It is a great detoxifier too.



3. Vinegar

Vinegar is said to hold the food in your stomach for a longer period of time. It reduces the post meal surge up to 40%. You could use it in moderate quantities in your meal.



2. Medication

If you are not a doctor by profession, do not try to become one in case you have diabetes. Ensure that you take proper medical advice before taking any medicine since a reactionary medication might tamper with your entire metabolism.



1. Exercise

This one’s a sure shot wellness advice. Exercising will keep you active and improve the ability of your nervous system to work better during the day. A 20 minute regime is a must.



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