Top 10 best Simple ways to Impress a Guy

Attraction does not follow any rule. It just happens!

If you are a girl and happen to set your eyes one charming and suave man, you will have to careful that you do not spoil your chance of knowing him more.

Follow this article and know the simplest and easy ways to impress a guy.

These points are guaranteed to make to make the man yours.

Take a close look and find out which one you could use to complete your mission.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

10. Know yourself

For a guy to fall for you, dressing up well is not the only important thing. A man likes a woman who has grace and carries herself well. He likes those who have a great self respect and are confident of their being. Make sure you follow these guidelines.

Know Yourself


9. Hairstyle

If you wish to look a little different and grab instant attention, try a new hairdo. This way, he could reconsider you in a positive manner even if you have known him for a while. A great hairstyle always does the trick.



8. Smile

This universal gesture is the simplest way to get closer to a guy, or may be anyone for that matter. When you are around him, smile as much as you can and indulge yourself in what he is saying. This will not only interest him but will also generate positive vibes.



7. Intelligence

Men like women who are emotionally strong and intelligent. Make sure you win a debate whenever you pick one. If you try to be one of those who act like dumb, he will only consider you as your arm candy.


6. Surprise

Men love surprises. Do good things for him so that he may fall for you. I do not stress on buying expensive gifts for him every time you meet. However, little gestures such as cooking his favourite dish or giving him cards on certain occasions could do the trick.



5. Fragrance

Guys love girls who wear great smells. Choose a perfume which suits your personality. The waft of good smell you leave behind is a sure shot turn on for them.



4. Interests

Make sure you are fully aware of his likes and dislikes. Do not make fun of his interests and hobbies even if you do not follow them. Show him that you are interested in what he does all day long. It will give him a sense of importance.



3. Be alive

Don’t be a one who is shy enough to not utter a word while in a group. Be active and participate in discussions. Men like shy girls but not those who those who are just a part of the furniture.

Be alive


2. Don’t use him

Don’t use him to extract your work or for any other such purpose. Do not back bite either. Show him that you are genuinely interested in him and that you treasure the amount of goodness in him.

Don't use him


1. Memories

Every time you conclude your meeting, leave in a memorable manner. Share fondest memories with him so he could think of you even when you are not around. Find a place in his heart and the guy will surely be yours.



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