Top 10 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Marketing is one of the most essential and the toughest task for any business. Right from convincing the customers to making sure you stand tall at their expectations, it takes a great deal to ensure that the buyer is satisfied.

Although we are laced with several technologies to market our product, the best ones are always the result oriented ones.

All the more, if you are finding ideas to market your restaurant, you are at the right place!

Take a look at some of the finest restaurant marketing ideas that will certainly help you inflate your profits.

10. Photos

Ever been on Instagram? The trend of posting photos of food online is slowly picking up. Hungry eyes are the first ones to notice those, who further go on to try the same. High quality, drool inducing pictures are the key to ensure that the customer is excited enough to give your restaurant a try.



9. Responsiveness

How a restaurant responses to the feedback of its customers will define your business. Do not underestimate customer review and make sure that you device means and methods to improve your service on the said grounds. It might be difficult to accept flak at first, but a good business always grows within negative surroundings.



8. Loyalty programmes

You surely would not want your customers to leave you and find a new eating joint. In order to keep your customer base intact, you could go in for loyalty programmes. These could include special offers and services to those who have been associated with your business since a long time. It will induce them to be a loyal customer and are a great source of promoting your restaurant.

Loyalty programmes


7. Website

It is extremely important to have a functional website. These days, foodies and food bloggers judge your capacity and ability through your website. The essential element of creating your website is to make sure that they click on to your website before they open another restaurant’s. You need to update your page with the latest additions in your menu and other important announcements.

Make restaurant website


6. Get noticed

In order to get noticed, you could run online and offline contests, inviting people to participate in games, quizzes, etc. you could reward the winners with a free meal or so. This will endorse your restaurant and will also help your brand loyalty grow.

Make Contests


5. Food blogging

Food blogging is a great way to promote your business. You could ask famous food bloggers to review your food and post it on their blog and offer them incentives in return. This way you could ensure that people get to know about your joint through a trusted source. It will help your brand power grow.

Food Blogging


4. Staff

If you have an engaging staff, you are going to go long way in this business. Recruit people who are experienced in this field, even if it means shelling more bucks out of your pocket. Make them understand how well you desire them to get involved with your customers. A great staff will make people comfortable and they will surely come back for more.



3. Delivery services

People demand service. It is the duty of the business to cater to the wimps and fancies of their loyal customers. Tie up with local delivery services so that home delivery too could become an option. It is a great way to let your food out to people who do not have time to visit your eating joint.



2. Food truck

Even though you know you have an established restaurant running in a posh area, open up a food truck that travels from place to place giving the customers, your signature delicacies on the go. This method is extremely helpful to those who have an appropriate budget to start a food truck.

Food Truck


1. Value for money

Even if you are a profit hungry business, it is your duty to provide value for the money your customer pays. Disappointing a customer means losing 2 extra customers. A good food inclusive of a satisfactory service will give your restaurant the required boost.

Value for Money


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