Top 10 Best Inventions of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is essentially the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. This article addresses some of the most amazing and incredible inventions that nanotechnology has ever made.

You will be surprised to see how technology has come forward and has advanced by leaps and bounds.

If you are a science buff and technology astonishes you, take a careful look at all the top 10 Best Inventions of Nanotechnology..

Here we go!

10. DNA Nanobots

A recent finding in the field of nanotechnology is nanobots. It is primarily defined as the conversion of medicine into nanobots and injecting it in animals to cure certain diseases. It is a fairly new concept in the field of medicine.

9. Nanotubes in chloroplasts

Nanotubes are large molecular particles that form tubes using special electrical and thermal properties. It was noticed that when nanotubes were inserted in plant chloroplasts, it was seen that the plant growth increased by several hundred percent.

8. Scallop shaped robots

These small molecules or particles can efficiently transport medicine in the blood by swimming in it thereby repairing tissues. These robots are powered by a magnetic field around them. The invention is a first foot forward towards many other breath taking innovations.

7. Microchip

Neurobridge, stimulates muscles according to muscle patterns. It showed signs of movement in the muscles of those who were disabled. The invention paved way for scientists to develop technologies which could directly relate to altering thought processes in the brain using similar chips.

6. Nose cells

A surgery wherein the nose cells were inserted into the spinal cord of the patient showed that damage to the nervous system could be reversed through this replacement. These cells stimulated the nerve fibres to grow and enabled the person to walk on his own.


5. Unmanned drones

This concept is boosting several businesses. They are usually used for delivering products from the store to the consumer. It is being used by several corporate giants such as Google, Amazon, etc. these drones are a cost effective method to reach out to the consumer.


4. Mini Robots

In a recent experiment, 1000 mini robots were left to rearrange themselves in a well structured manner. The results were astonishing. If this technology is unveiled in a refined manner, it will surely benefit the construction industry.

Mini Robots


3. 3D printing

Although such a concept is far from being a practiced one, it was recently established that 3D printing could build an entire house. It can print using 5 different materials. However, its capabilities and application is still to be tested.

3D printing


2. Space exploration

Nanotechnology has also enabled space orbit in an easy and cost effective manner. India’s latest venture, Mangalyaan was an attempt to orbit the earth and has till date proved to be an efficient option.

Space exploration


1. Green power and clean water

Accessible, simple and cheap technology is being founded using nanotechnology in order to device ways to ensure that people all over the world are bequeathed with clean water as well as affordable electricity.

Green power and clean water


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