Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families

It is without a doubt that we may agree that a dog is a man’s best friend. Now that we have a reached a consensus, I think it is important for use to guide you on the selection process of a dog.

Out of all the breeds that exist, there are some amazing ones that might be adopted by families to be kept at home. A wrong breed may certainly create problems for you initially or at a later stage.

It is highly recommended to go through this article if you are planning to invest in a dog.

We bring to you the top 10 dog breeds suitable for families.

Take a look!

10. Bulldog

One major advantage of this breed is that they can adjust in big as well as small homes or apartments. They are sturdy and can learn to play with your children. They are lazy too at the same time. It is a breed that will put up with you easily.



9. Newfoundland

They are usually suitable for open spaces. If you have a large garden, go for this option. They love to play with children and are popularly known as Nature’s Nannies. These fur balls love to go where the family is and get attached to members quite easily.



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8. Irish Setter

They are a playful and energetic breed and are a great source of leisure for family members. One thing which is important to be noted is that they have a short life span. Most dogs of this breed live up to 12 years of age, 15 being the maximum.

Irish Setter


7. Labrador

We all are aware of this dog. This, probably, can be found in most houses. The breed is playful, protective as well as reliable. For a big family, there is hardly a better choice than this. They are easily available too.



6. Beagle

They are love cute companions who love to hang around with the family. They are the solid and sturdy kinds and also do not need much care. They love to follow their noses, sometimes making them stuck in sticky situations.



5. Pug

The pug came to be known popularly when it first featured in a famous brand’s advertisement. They can adapt to all situations quite easily and can easily adjust in small apartments. A pug is sturdy and soon becomes a favourite of the family.



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4. Poodle

Note that only a standard poodle is suitable for families. They are an excellent playmates when it comes to kids and also shed less, making it favourable for people who wish to avoid the risk of allergies.



3. Vizsla

He is a quiet and loyal kind of a dog. He gels amazingly with the family and also requires little exercise. This breed also prefers staying indoors.



2. Collie

This kind of a dog is a generous and devoted animal. They are an intelligent lot and need daily exercise to keep them happy and in a great condition. It is also important that you treat them gently while you train them.



1. Mutts

They certainly are a great choice and would match the energy level of your family. They are a sort of mixed breed and mix up with the family very nicely.

Mutts Dog


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