Top 10 Best Benefits of Olive Oil that you should need to know

Since the discovery of olive oil some 5000 years ago, it is known to have tremendous curative and medicinal properties. Olive oil has been modified in its form or approach but still remains a favourite for people from all walks of life, be it the ones from the rural areas or those who live a modern life.

This article presents some guaranteed benefits of olive oil.

You could try and see the results for yourself. Believe you me; you will be stunned by its remedial properties.

Take a look to the top 10 benefits of Olive Oil and use the oil in case you too demand a fool proof solution.

10. Moisturizer

Today’s generation is an avid follower of creams and lotions they are processed along with several chemicals. In fact, olive oil is believed to have excellent moisturising properties, especially for the skin. Other dry areas such as the elbows and knees can also be dealt with using this oil.

Moisturizer - Benefits of Olive Oil


9. Lowers cholesterol

Olive oil is known to have reduced cholesterol levels. It controls the content of LDL which actually narrows your arteries. It also contributes to the growth of HDL in your body, thereby preventing blood clot. Use this oil for cooking and protect yourself from strokes and heart attacks.

Lowers cholesterol


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8. Prevents hair fall

Olive oil is also known to significantly reduce hair fall. Make sure you apply it on your hair and leave it overnight to receive best results. It nourishes the scalp and prevents dryness and dirt.

Prevents hair fall


7. Reduces the Risk of High BP

Olive oil reduces the risk of high BP. Instead of using saturated fats, ensure that you include olive oil in your diet. This is because this oil can be absorbed easily by the body and prevents the aging of your heart.

Reduces the Risk of High BP


6. Control Diabetes

In a proven research, olive oil was shown to prevent the risk of diabetes. It enhances the insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar control. Olive oil also keeps heart related ailments at bay.

Control Diabetes


5. Inflammation

By consuming around 2 tbsp of olive oil each day, you can certainly prevent a lot of inflammatory diseases such as cancer, arthritis, etc. a research showed that olive oil contains anti inflammatory properties, essential for the functioning of the body.



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4. Bones

People who consume adequate amounts of olive oil are known to have stronger bones and a greater bone density. It also helps in bone mineralisation by ensuring better blood levels of calcium.

Children and the aged should surely include this oil in their diet in some way or the other.

Stronger Bones


3. Sunburn

Olive oil has been used for healing skin ailments since times immemorial. All you need to do is apply some oil on the affected area and leave it untouched for some time. It can be best used in case of sunburn.



2. Stretch marks

Often, stretch marks are a huge problem for women. Olive oil lightens these marks and also improves the elasticity of the body. Just massage the affected area with hot oil to obtain great results.

Stretch marks


1. Makeup

In case you are looking for natural ways to remove make up, you certainly have a great solution. Just apply some oil on the required areas and you will see that the makeup becomes very easy to remove. Hence, the cost of makeup removal creams can be cut down.



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