Top 10 Best Autobiographies of All time

To all the bookworms out there and to all those who are looking for some inspiration, do not miss this article.

We bring to you the 10 best autobiographies of all time that have never failed to teach you something new every time you read them. These books are truly a treat, indicative of the efforts and success stories of people from all walks of life. The very intricacies each book indulges into certainly make them the best books ever.

Take a tour and then decide as to which book you are going to read first.

10. I Am Malala : The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Written by Malala Yousafzai, This book is truly worth the time and pages. It talks about a young Muslim girl who was shot by the Taliban and her story on how she fought back her wounds to further go on and spread the message of peace and education. The book revolves around her courage and initiatives on moral and social grounds. Buy Now.

I Am Malala


9. Long Walk to Freedom 

The book is a work of Nelson Mandela. The book is about the great leader who fought against racial discrimination in Africa and his journey which led him to win the Nobel Prize. The writer remained in jail for a long part of his life due to his racial justice movement. Buy Now.

Long Walk to Freedom


8. Running with Scissors

Written by Augusten Burroughs, it is a story of a boy whose mother let his child to be brought up by a psychiatrist, whose face resembled Santa Claus. It is about the funny experiences of the boy that he undergoes in the most surprising and life altering situations. Buy Now.

Running with Scissors


7. The Last Lecture

By Randy Pausch, it is a book about ideas that rise when a professor asks his students as to what they would want to give to the world as a part of their legacy if they had a last chance. The wit, humour and intelligence with which the book has been written will remain a favourite for generations to come. Buy Now.

The Last Lecture


6. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

It is an unfinished record of the life of Benjamin Franklin. It is an amazing book to delve into since it highlights the lively experiences of the writer. The book will leave you spellbound and will certainly inspire you. Buy Now.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


5. Mein Kampf

This book has been written by Adolf Hitler. It states the plans and ideologies on which the writer aims to work in terms of ruling Germany. It has two volumes in all and is a collection of quite important historical facts and other essentials. The book is a great pick for history lovers. Buy Now.

Mein Kampf


4. The Diary of a Young Girl

By Anne Frank, it is about herself and her family and deals with the accounts and experiences at a time when they were hiding during the Nazi invasion of Netherlands. The book will certainly effect your life on how you perceive things. Buy Now.

The Diary of a Young Girl


3. Dreams from My Father

By Barack Obama, it was first published in 1995. It is one of the best memoirs written by any American politician. The book has been held in high esteem by many critics and is so far regarded a great piece of text. Buy Now.

Dreams from My Father


2. Autobiography of Mark Twain

Written by Mark Twain, It was published in 2010 as a mark of his 100th death anniversary. The uncensored version of the book brings out the real life experiences of the man and is truly worth reading. Buy Now.

Autobiography of Mark Twain


1. Wings of Fire

By A.P.J Abdul Kalam, it talks about how he rose as an unknown identity from a small town in South India to finally become the President of India. The book is a motivational one telling us that life has its own ups and downs and that one should know how to overcome such fears. Buy Now.

Wings of Fire


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