Top 10 Best Makeup Tips to Cover Your Freckles

Beauty needs no ornaments. It is ageless and timeless.

However, certain unwanted marks on your skin could hamper the charm on your face. The problem of freckles is one of them. It arises due to exposure of the skin to sunlight.

This article addresses 10 makeup tricks to ensure that your freckles do not come into your way when you decide to look good.

Take a good look and jot those points which you feel might be helpful to you.

Here we go!

10. Cream

People with freckles should avoid exposure to sunlight. In case you are bound to face the sun, make sure you apply a cream with an SPF of 15 or higher so that the cream’s layer protects you completely.


9. Foundation

Often, people tend to apply the wrong foundation, thereby flashing their freckles. Ensure that your foundation contains medium to heavy coverage liquid. Buy something that can easily blend with your skin colour and apply in on your cheeks and neck.


8. Concealer

A good concealer is a time saver. You could dab it on your nose or areas affected by freckles using cotton or your ring finger. It is essential that you apply the concealer before you opt for the foundation.


7. Powder

Once you have thorough applied the foundation, use some powder. Applying powder will help your skin get a glow. Choose a powder that is translucent or something that has the ability to match your skin tone.

Face Powder

6. Bronzer

Applying bronzer will not even let anyone knew if you ever had freckles. It is a great way t oconceal those unwanted marks on your skin.


5. Blush

Adding some blush is a must. The blush will give your skin a great colour and obviously, a complete relief from freckles. It gives you a natural look and brings out the best in you.


4. Being cakey

We agree that makeup is an important element in covering freckles but you should remember that it is not good at all to make your skin look cakey. To prevent this, use a light powder and decent quality foundation.

Being cakey

3. Lips

To ensure that no one really notices your freckles, you might as well give your lips a bright colour. Use a good lipstick to cover your lips, thereby giving the necessary glow to your face on a overall basis.


2. Eyes

Make your eyes stand out by doing a good amount of makeup so as to make your face look great. Avoid overdoing the same since it might make your face look shabby.


1. Scrub

A good scrub can also be used right before you apply your makeup. It will clear the skin of all dirt and unwanted particles to give it a fresh look.



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