Top 10 Best Hairstyles that will make you Look Younger

The desire to look young is something I bet everyone has.

Most people fulfil this desire by spending humungous amounts on several beauty treatments, buying the most fashionable clothes or maybe constantly maintaining the lie with regards to their age.

However, one simple thing can change your entire look. Yes, your hairstyle!

Take a look at the most amazing hairstyles which will make you look much younger and elegant. These hairstyles are simple and are a must for those who are in a constant fight to hide their age.

Here we go!

10. Angled bob

An angled bob grazes towards the front while the hair is shortened at the back. Women with fine hair could opt for straight edges too to look more fashionable and young.

Angled bob


9. Cropped hair

For those who have coarse hair or the ones who are tired to visiting their stylists time and again, a cropped haircut is the best I could suggest. It involves less damage and reduces chemical processes that you might undergo every month to maintain your hair.

Cropped Hair


8. Thicker hair

Thicker hair, in fact, looks more graceful once you turn 40. However, the length of your hair could pose a problem because of its weight. You could ask your stylist for minimal, face framing layers. The length could be decided accordingly.




Thicker hair



7. Classic bob

This one is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. It gives your face an instant lift, with lifted cheekbones and a natural glow. It is a great choice for those whose skin is starting to sag.

Classic bob


6. Choppy layers

This calls for short and shaggy layers through your hair. The look will give you a lot of angled piece of hair. These chunky and square layers add to your personality. The length of your hair should not exceed your neck.

Choppy layers


5. Straightened hair

Limp hair is something no woman likes. A straightened hairstyle is a sure shot show stealer. You could ask for a shoulder length haircut, which is layered, giving the illusion of fuller hair.

Straightened hair


4. Chin length

A chin length cut gives you the illusion of fullness. An uneven edge will look more attractive as compared to a classic bob on special occasions. The shape will also make your hair feel fuller.

The hair could be cut in such a way to give you more volume.

Chin length


3. Soft Graduated layers

Soft, graduated layers are another hairstyle that will ensure you look wonderful. The cut should end around your collarbone. For those women who have thin hair, the length of the layers should be no less than the chin length.

Soft Graduated layers


2. Long layers

This is a modification of the previous style. Long layers ensure that your face looks much younger. The soft layers in the front look more modern than the ones with a blunt cut. It is purely a contemporary hairstyle.

Long layers

1. Soft bangs

This trend is quite in fashion these days. The soft bangs on your face could end at the neck. Make sure that are conditioned well. They make your face look more circular and cover wrinkles too.

Soft bangs


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