10 Food Scams That Could Only Happen In China

Food scams have been on a high in quite a number of countries recently. One such example is China. Despite being noted as a developing economy, it has been indulging into tactics which might not be undertaken even by the underdeveloped nations.

These bizarre food scams have shook the world and China in particular and have left a deep concern over the food quality been presented in front of the public.

We take you through the top 10 food scams of china that will force you to reconsider visiting the nation.

10. Rat meat

Chinese sellers add chemicals to rats, minks and wolves and sell them as mutton. The issue came to light when some 20, 000 tonnes of such meat was seized and around 900 people were arrested. The Chinese government have now resorted to the internet to aware people about the differences between fake and real mutton.

Rat meat


9. Duck blood

Duck blood tofu is a popular dish in the nation where ducks are slaughtered and their blood is thickened to serve to the customers. Recently, sellers have been selling pig and buffalo blood  by adding formaldehyde to it, causing the blood to thicken so woo its customers faking the dish with duck blood.

Duck Blood


8. Donkey meat

Donkey is used as a means of a popular snack in China. It was recently found by the authorities that sellers have been mixing pig fat with the donkey fat to cut their costs and deceive their customers. Regulators claimed that over 10% of the donkey fat which the people consumed was adulterated although there were plans to spot such shopkeepers and act against them.

Donkey Meat


7. Chemical tofu

A raid in two of the factories in China revealed that people these misused the trust of people who bought tofu from them. Tofu is known as soya curd as well. They confessed that they added various harmful chemicals in the dish and sold it in the name of another company which sold quality products. The raid also established the fact that the food was made in dirty utensils.

Chemical Tofu


6. Honey

It was recently in the news that China also sold fake honey to people. The product which looked exactly like real honey was brought from Australia and forwarded to other nations.  France and other European nations too imported honey from China not knowing of the ill effects of the dish. The authorities have begun to track the root and the medium via which this adulteration is carried out with such ease.



5. Water

Contaminated water is also on a high. The government tracked companies which faked the names of the real ones and sold bottles flied with tap water and dirty caps. It was said that they could, by doing this, earn double the profits. The contaminated water bottle cost the company 3 Yuan as compared to the real one costing 6 Yuan. They later sold these bottles at a price of 10 Yuan.



4. Pig sale

Clenbuterol, a chemical substance is used to burn meat fat. It is added to pork sold in the market. The same chemical can cause dizziness and other diseases to humans. Henan Shuanghui, one of China’s biggest food companies was also involved in the scam, although, later issuing a public apology.

Pig Sale


3. Wine

Wine is another fake product sold in the nation. It was recently noticed that sellers either bought expensive branded bottled and filled them with contaminated wine. In addition, a few sellers also changed their company logo a little to deceive its customers and sold fake wine.



2. Crabs

Yangcheng crabs are one of the most expensive varieties of crabs in China. Sellers add a host of harmful chemicals to make other crabs look like the original one and sell it in huge margins. Only 1 in 3 crabs is a real one.



1. Rice

The nation has been also producing plastic rice using synthetic materials. It is being said that consuming a place of rice is like eating a bag of plastic.



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