Top 10 Best Ways to improve Listening Skills

To listen is the one of the biggest attribute of a living being. It is often said that you should listen more than you speak because what you speak is already what you know and thus listening is informative due to new content.

Unfortunately, we tend to only receive the content in our brain although effective listening is usually missing. Our brain does not process the entire information leading to distorted facts and only extracts of information. We take you to a list of 10 Best Ways to improve Listening Skills.

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10. Put yourself in the shoes

Have you ever imagined what the other person feels when you do not tend to listen? It causes great embarrassment to the speaker. It is important to make sure that what the speaker speaks is audible to you and you absorb the entire information. This gives the former a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Put yourself in the shoes


9. Medium

I would certainly agree to the fact that while there is a conversation going on, more than half the information is missed due to poor communication lines or devices. If you want to improve or enhance your listening skills, make sure that the device you use such as phones or video calling gives you the best results. Ensure that the wires are properly connected and there are no unwanted sounds therein.



8. Key Point

Use the key points from the speech and use them to ask doubts, if any. By doing this, you are signalling the speaker that you are attentive and that you have grasped the essential notes.

Key Point


7. Undivided Attention

While you are planning to listen to someone, guarantee that there are no unnecessary activities going on in and around that may divert your attention. Any conversation demands undivided attention so that you can concentrate on the required and focus on a single task.

Undivided Attention


6. Practice listening

We do not listen entirely because our focus is on the response we are expected to give after the talk. Remember that you will be judged on what information you have been able to grab from the speaker. Sit down with a family member and give your feedback or repeat the key point of the conversation with him or her. Practice will certainly make you perfect.

Practice listening


5. Curiosity

If you have zeal to learn and a curious mind, you will definitely be willing to learn more. This way, your attention will multiply and concentration increase manifold. In case you feel that you are Mr. Know-It-All, listening might be a great cause of worry for you.



4. Content, not delivery

Focus on the content and not how the person is delivering the content. If you are more interested in noticing how many times the speaker faltered, you need to refocus your attention to grab the information.

Content, not delivery


3. Body language

For better listening, take cues from the body language of the speaker. The way he speaks certain lines or words will help you delve deeper into the moral of the story and will give you a better insight.

Body language


2. Environment

It is also important that you are in a comfortable environment while you listen to someone. Being in a hot and stingy room or fidgeting with your shiny clothes will not let you grasp the speaker’s lines. A cool mind serves better, always!



1. Affirmation

Participate in the conversation by using affirmative words so that the speaker is confident of his audience and so are you of your listening skills and awareness in the right direction.



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