Top 10 Best Email Marketing Services

You all must have heard of email marketing services in business meetings, conferences, etc. it basically refers to the sending of electronic mails to a group of people regarding a company’s profile, offers, policies and other important details trying to communicate in the easiest and cheapest way.

This interaction forms an important tool to attract people towards a news business or an existing one.

We take you through the top 10 best email marketing service providers that are a trusted source by businesses and have created a niche for themselves.

10. StreamSend

StreamSend offers an easy to use social and email marketing provision. It is affordable and a dependent source. You can build and send e promotions in minutes to address your clients.



9. EmailBrain

It is a typical electronic mail marketing technique. It is useful for small businesses to build and manage their customer lists. Although, certain quirky glitches might make it a little tough for you to use this website.



8. Constant Contact

It offers email marketing, social media marketing, online surveys and even event marketing. Useful for small entrepreneurs, it also offers a free trail to its users without the use of a credit card. It is affordable software to use and has practically revolutionized the way businesses market themselves.

Constant Contact


7. GetResponse

You can also use its online survey feature apart from emailing newsletters.  You can create and publish pages in less than 10 minutes and can use a plethora of mobile-ready templates and video pages.



6. Benchmark Email

You can send bulk emails and online surveys using this site.  It also has a mobile app from where you can deal wherever and whenever, at the slide of your touch screen. It is an international brand, easy, friendly and affordable to use.

Benchmark Email


5. Mad Mimi

It is one of the simplest software to use and is unlike the old concepts of cluttered layouts. You can save your customized themes and with Mad Mini, you can easily handle the interface and manage your lists and send emails.

Mad Mimi


4. Campaign Monitor

It has a wide range of price slabs to suit your requirements in accordance with the size of your business. It is an elegant way to send emails using a wide range of designs and flexible layouts that can help you send emails to different groups of people in the best of formats. Do give it a try!

Campaign Monitor


3. Mail Chimp

It was founded in 2001 and has around 7 million users who together send a total of 10 billion emails each moth using this service. It is easily compatible with WordPress and allows you to sign up and make lists. Several wonderful templates make it all the more interesting to work with your clients.

Mail Chimp


2. Boomerang

It is a single destination for all your digital marketing requirements. It is flexible in its pricing and offers an on demand solution to your bulk email necessities. It is great platform to get superior quality results.



1. Graphic Mail

It offers a free trial for two weeks but its usability is an issue making it difficult for users to send emails. This site offers a lot of tools and templates for users to choose from and make their business digitally recognized among the masses.

Graphic Mail


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