10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Avoid

How many of us are suffering from cholesterol? How many of us eat the right diet to curb the same?

I am sure the answer to the second question is not even haft as much as the first.

This article tells you about those harmful foods which every person suffering from cholesterol should avoid at any cost. After all, health is of prime importance.

Take a look to 10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Avoid and make sure you jot down the points for future reference.

10. Butter

Butter contain a high amount of saturated fat. They must be avoided whatsoever. Right from greasing your parathas in the morning to putting spoonfuls in your dals, use minimal butter in case you are a cholesterol patient.


9. Desserts

Pure Indian desserts, in particular, might be a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. However, one should come to terms with the fact desserts such as laddoos and barfis contain a high amount of butter that might straight away affect your heart. Curtail their consumptions so as to avoid the rising of bad cholesterol in your body.


8. Liver

Liver is the body’s primary source of cholesterol where the waxy substance is made and stored. Although it is a food rich in iron, it might be disadvantageous for people suffering from cholesterol.


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7. Popcorns

Microwave popcorn loaded with butter and oil is not at all a healthy choice. Instead, you might opt for an unsalted, butter free bowl of popcorn to lower your cholesterol. In fact, spraying a little amount of olive oil of the corns is still a better option and tastes delicious.


6. Commercial baked goods

These snacks can be a delightful in taste, yet, they contain trans fats due to the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils. Stay away from these as much as you can to keep your cholesterol levels in control.

Commercial baked goods

5. Shellfish

While you might list a number of benefits of this food, those with heart diseases and cholesterol should avoid these. Shellfish contain high amounts of cholesterol which have the ability to disable your body’s righteous system of working.


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4. Macaroni and cheese

I bet I will not find a single one reading this article, who would not be fond of this dish. Not so surprisingly, this dish contains high levels of saturated fats as well as cholesterol. If you wish to pamper your taste buds once in a while, you might cook something healthy and give it a spicy touch that consuming foods like these.

Macaroni and cheese

3. Burgers

Whether you are late for office or are bored of eating the usual stuff, hamburgers are always at your rescue. Well. Did you know that a classic burger and McDonalds contained 85 mg of cholesterol? Enough said!


2. Fried Chicken

Chicken consumption is absolutely the perfect option for someone who is looking for good amounts of proteins in a particular food item. On the other hand, cholesterol patients should know that a friend chicken piece contains more amount of cholesterol than what a hamburger does. You might consume boiled chicken once a while.

Fried Chicken

1. French fries

Partially hydrogenating vegetable oils makes food more stable and less likely to spoil. That is one reason why they are used to cook dried French fries. Make sure you lower your limit of consumption of dried junk as well to stay away from the dreadful disease.

French fries


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