10 Best Quick and Healthy Meals

In this fast running world where we are virtually caught in a race, it has become of prime importance to us to take care of our health while we fight for survival. It is this very struggle that does not let les enter out washrooms without our phones to answer a few messages and emails.

Considering the need to invent and reinvent a variety of healthy, ye tasty dishes, we have for you, 10 best quick and healthy meals that will rejuvenate you and will leave your taste buds wanting for more.

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10. Grape, Sunflower seed and Arugula Salad

Salads have always been a preferred choice for health conscious people. This variety of salads is excellent source antioxidants; healthy fat and Vitamin E. top the dish with salmon or tuna to include it as an option for a healthy dinner.

Grape, Sunflower seed and Arugula Salad


9. Choco banana

Bananas give us instant energy. To add a tasty twist to the dish, melt chocolate and add half cup milk to it. Stir till the mixture thickens. Drop it finely sliced banana pieces and enjoy the sweetened flavour, giving a great kick start to your morning.

Choco banana


8. Strawberry Smoothie

This is a better version of having milk with fresh fruits! All you got to do this take some finely diced strawberries and blend them with a glass of milk until the mixture thickens a little. You could add a drop of vanilla extract and top the drink with icing sugar. The rich content of sugar and strawberries is excellent for any part of the day. Milk too, is a great source of calcium.

Strawberry Smoothie


7. Veggie Roll

If you cannot go out of the house without consuming a chapatti or two, no worries! Make a healthy vegetable mixture including spinach, broccoli, carrots and other available vegetables and wrap it in the chapatti using some mustard sauce or mayo to apply on its base. You could carry this roll easily while on your way to work.

Veggie Roll


6. Nutella

I bet there will hardly be anybody who is not fond of nutella. In fact, it is an excellent source or fats and proteins. Taka a piece of brown bread and spread nutella on it judiciously. You could grab a glass of milk with it to increase the health and nutritional value.



5. Pulses Salad

In order to gain enough protein, boil chick peas, Rajma and two eggs separately. Take a bowl and chop the egg into small slices and add to the pulses. You could sprinkle spices and salt to add to the taste. Believe me, it is the healthiest meal once could have.

Pulses Salad


4. Chicken grill

If you are fond of non-veg food, make sure you consume it at least once a day, although in limited quantities. Grilled chicken is the healthiest of all. Spice it up with pepper and lemon juice and you are ready to go.

Chicken grill


3. Sweetened yogurt

This may be available in a host lost of flavours in the market. You could also make this at home by simply adding the desired flavor into the yogurt. It is refreshing, healthy and will keep you rejuvenated throughout the day.

Sweetened yogurt


2. Custard

Custard is one of the most popular among the list of quick foods. It gives you instant nutritional value. In order to make the dish more interesting, chop all the available fruits you have and drop them into the custard. The crispy and smooth amalgamation of the ingredients will surely pamper your taste buds.



1. Apple pudding

For people who usually have e bad stomach or are constipated most of the times, begin your day by consuming an apple. You will see instant improvements. Instead, apple pudding is a revised method to efficiently use apple in your food. Pudding, on the other hand, will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates essential for the body to function with great energy during the day.

Apple pudding


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