10 Best Home Remedies to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair Loss RemediesIt is without being dubious that I say that humans have always wanted to present themselves in the best manner possible. Right from the most wonderful outfits to a nice hairstyle, it takes a great deal to look good. Wait! Did I mention hairstyle? Well, that’s only possible if one has enough hair on his head.

Hair loss has become a pertinent problem for several people worldwide. Call it the increasing stress levels or other ailments; hair fall portrays a sorry image of your own self in front of public.

Here we present the 10 best ways to overcome hair fall using simple home remedies thereby cutting enormous medical costs and troubles.

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10. Gooseberry

For ages, amla or gooseberry has been known as the most effective natural product. It contains Vitamin C, whose deficiency is one of the major reasons of hair loss for humans. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the same ensure a dirt free healthy scalp.

All you have got to do is mix a spoon of lemon juice and amla and apply it on your head before sleeping. Shampoo your hair in the morning. Continue the exercise until you see the difference.


9. Onion juice

Onion is known to have high levels of sulphur. It generates blood by improving its circulation to the hair follicles, thereby reducing inflammation. Onion also possesses antibacterial properties which kill the germs on the scalp and protect it from infections.

To reduce hair loss, strain a grated onion and apply it on the scalp for around half an hour. You could also mix olive oil to improve results.

Repeat this for several weeks to get rid of the menace of hair fall.

Onion Juice

8. Aloe juice

The main advantage of applying aloe juice is that it assists in maintaining the ph balance of the hair. Additionally, pure aloe gel could also be used. All you need to do is apply it on the scalp for over 30 minutes daily and rinse it with a mild shampoo in the morning.

Aloe juice

7. Oiling your hair

Various types of oils are also great to improve the hair loss condition. One of the best variety is applying coconut oil on the scalp since it provides commendable results in a short span of time. Other oils which could be helpful are olive oil and almond oil.

Coconut oil

6. Neem leaves

Neem leaves contain excellent herbal medicinal properties. To use this option, boil the neem leaves and use that water to wash your hair once a week. It helps to keep lice and dandruff at bay.

Neem leaves

5. Curd

Curd is known to be one of the best natural conditioners. All you have to do is mix curd with black pepper and a little honey and wash your hair with it twice a week. You will witness instant results. Your hair loss will reduce and you will notice a shine in your silky hair.


4. Scalp massage

Handling your hair roughly is a major reason for hair loss. Make sure that you massage your hair gently with good oil by heating it and using your fingers to apply it on your scalp. This way, your hair follicles will grow strong and blood circulation will improve. Make sure that oil is not too much hot.

Scalp massage

3. Diet

The type of food is essentially and directly proportional to your hair growth. Make sure you have a healthy diet free of junk food. Include fresh fruit juices in your diet. This may include beetroot juice, spinach juice or carrot juice too. Juices contain great amounts of nutritional value and can considerably reduce hair loss.


2. Avoid heat styling

We all want a great hairstyle. But excess of everything can be harmful. Make sure you do not heat your hair much. This may cause your hair to be brittle, further increasing chances of hair fall.

Avoid heat styling

1. Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink a good amount of water in an entire day. This way, you body will have enough fluids to sustain itself and protect from dryness and dehydration. Blood circulation improves and hair fall is also lessened.

Drink Water and stay Hydrated


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